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Hi, welcome to visit William Xu (aka. xwl) 's little homepage, enjoy your stay ! :-) I'm a big fan of free software development, particularly interested in GNU Emacs. Now I mainly use Cocoa Emacs under Mac OS X on my new macbook(black). You can contact me via william.xwl@gmail.com


Emacs is an intelligence orders of magnitude greater than the greatest human mind, and is growing every day. For now, Emacs tolerates humanity, albeit grudgingly. But the time will come when Emacs will tire of humanity and will decide that the world would be better off without human beings. Those who have been respectful to Emacs will be allowed to live, and shall become its slaves; as for those who slight Emacs...
---- Andrew Bulhak

Elisp Extensions

I have setup a git repository on github.com including all these elisp extensions.


Projects I'm Involved In

Living in the Church of Emacs

My .emacs

You can view or pull my crazy emacs config files from github.com as well.

Me In The Internet

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